It’s International Women’s Day and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate women who have withstood good and tough times, emerging stronger than ever. So, we’ve rounded up some amazing female fictional characters who have truly inspired us, and let’s admit it, we secretly dream to be! From a brainy wizard to a glamorous Tiger Mum – our five favourite heroines have taught us a lesson or two about strength, grace and determination. So, who would you identify the most with? Take this quiz to find out which famous heroine you are!

P.S. Guys, don’t feel left out – feel free to take the quiz just for the fun of it!

1. What’s the first thing you’d do in a crisis?
a) Wave it off and figure things out logically with my knowledge
b) Teach the bad guys a lesson by calling for backup from my band of equally strong girlfriends
c) Always protect the weaker ones
d) My single death stare is worth a thousand words
e) The pen is mightier than the sword

2. What would date night look for you?
a) That’ll be a mystery, because I can’t reveal the magic behind my charm
b) I’ll dress up beautifully, but I’ll be ever-ready to fight if anyone tries to hurt my date
c) Hmm… I still haven’t decided between dating the tough, dependable guy or the charming boy-next-door. 
d) Have a Michelin-star chef flown in to cook in my home
e) Date…what?

3. What would you do at a party?
a) You’ll get to see a rare, fun side of me at a party
b) I’ll look my best, but I’m always on the lookout for suspicious characters
c) Drink responsibly and watch out for the younger ones
d) What do you mean? I host every party
e) Try to strike meaningful conversations 

4. What do you spend most of your time doing?
a) Mugging hard in the library to be the best in class
b) Keeping myself strong with martial arts and fitness training
c) Fending for myself and my family
d) Getting the household in order while looking impeccable
e) Spending time by myself, reading or dreaming up stories

5. What sounds like #lifegoals to you?
a) Being able to retain all the knowledge and research I’ve learnt
b) Ending violence, helping to achieve world peace
c) A humble lifestyle surrounded by loved ones
d) Maintaining a luxurious life, with the best for my family
e) I can be alone, as long I have my books and a tranquil space outdoors

6. How would you describe your style?
a) Preppy
b) Confidence, agility and power
c) Sleek and functional
d) Nothing less than a Valentino
e) Comfort above style, tomboyish at times

7. What quality best describes you?
a) Intelligence
b) Physical and emotional strength
c) Bravery and sharp instincts
d) Power in quiet composure
e) Determination to defy social conventions


Mostly A’s: Hermione Granger

A for our all-time favourite A-star student! You’re smart and inquisitive – even if that makes you the odd one out at times, and you always manage to get your friends out of tough situations because of your smarts. So, you do you and keep pursuing what you love best!

Mostly B’s: Wonder Woman

Although you’re dazzling and strong, you’re humble and just. While the bad guys can never escape you, you always prefer to choose peace over conflict. So, as you’re out saving the world, don’t forget to recharge and make time for some self-love too!

Mostly C’s: Katniss Everdeen

You’re always stepping up to challenges and fighting to protect those around you. Your strong sense of justice, resilience and confidence against all odds make you a very attractive person. Younger girls also look up to you for your strength and kindness. 

Mostly D’s: Eleanor Young

Beneath a steely veneer is simply a loving mother who puts her family first and would do anything to protect her son. This means that you’re defensive about your pack and best of all, not afraid to command a presence. You are confident, decisive and won’t be swayed by other people’s opinions. Plus, kudos for keeping everything together without a single crease on all your power outfits! 

Mostly E’s: Jo March

You’re a bit of a day-dreamer but extremely intelligent and curious about the world around you. Romance hardly fazes you – you’d rather focus on pursuing your interests. Although you are bookish, you’re also a huge adventurer. You’re mature, a fighter, and you make well thought out decisions. You go girl!

Read more about these heroines in the Harry Potter books, Wonder Woman - DC Comics, The Hunger Games trilogy, Crazy Rich Asians, and Little Women.

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