Dress for Success: 4 Outfits for Different Work Meetings


Dress like a boss by taking charge of your closet!

Let’s admit it. It was pretty great to work from home without having to worry about dressing up for work. However, having worked in home wear (and even pyjamas) for most of 2020, some of us miss the fun of putting together snazzy outfits.

If you’ve gotten too used to working from home and are struggling to put together an outfit for work, fret not! Here are four stylish yet professional outfit inspirations available from the Frasers eStore that are appropriate for meetings and other business-related occasions.

Look 1 - Seriously Creative


Express your personal style while making an impression in the boardroom.

If you are a designer or in the arts scene, it may be a little pressurising to look the part. Most importantly, your outfit should be a visual offering of who you are! Typically, those who work in the creative industry tend to wear bold prints and colours. If that’s you, show off your style and personality with a playful, yet polished look while pitching visual aspects of an advertising campaign to potential clients.

To achieve this, pair this pink colourful print top from La Trendz with this pair of Kassie high waisted cropped pants from Purpur. The easiest way to accessorise with prints, is to use shades from the same side of the colour wheel, like this pair of green and yellow casual heels from Frank Williams. Finally, complete the look with this Zoe crop blazer from Purpur, and add on a pair of dangly angular hoop earrings from Lush Addiction for a dash of modernity.


Look 2 - Flower Play


Add some flower power to your office outfit!

Floral prints are often associated with “summer”, “spring” as well as being “feminine”. This is why it’s not surprising that some women may be hesitant to wear floral prints to work, especially if they want to be taken seriously. Well, with this outfit you can definitely look professional and feminine at the same time during your team meetings!

Opt for darker floral prints instead of lighter ones. The contrast of flowers against a dark-coloured background like black, conveys both attractiveness and power. Try on this black and red floral top from Peniwern and pair it with these grey overlap ribbon pants from Echo Of Nature. For shoes, add a bit of sass with this pair of Stessy embossed heels pumps from Aldo. Finally, consider incorporating a pop of colour with this yellow Sonia bag from The Bonia House to brighten up the look!


Look 3 - Brew-tiful Beginnings


Start a new business relationship over coffee in this smart-casual outfit.

It seems more common these days to chat over coffee, especially for interviews and networking, as it is more personal and relaxed. Cafés are becoming (or have already become) the new meeting room! Still, you don’t want to look like you have just rolled out of bed as it’s important to look professional.

It can be nerve-racking to business meetings, so keep your cool in this navy blue sleeveless dress from La Trendz, paired with this mustard linen cotton long vest from Echo Of Nature. Perk yourself up with a cup of latte and these beige Goodwill leather heels from Happy Walker. For accessories, sparkle with this pair of blue orthogonal earrings from Lush Addiction, and stay classy with this classic shaped Coevo Messenger Satchel from The Bonia House.


Look 4 - Startup Chic


Look coordinated and presentable in this timeless ensemble.

Startups are well-known for their casual work environments, with some even allowing for flip-flops and shorts. While that may be acceptable internally, you may want to think twice about donning extremely casual attire if you are meeting business partners outside of the office, giving a presentation or representing your company.

Choose this seriously chic white top with black polka dots, and match it together with long black pants — both from Peniwern. Team them up with stylish black comfy flat mules from Shine, which adds just the right amount of class to the overall look. Throw on this Chloe red cropped casual jacket from Kenjo for luck , and to keep warm when the air conditioning goes into overdrive. Accessorise this look with this Uniq Transforma iPhone 12 Pro Max case from GK Global so you can answer calls in style.


Given that every business meeting has its own unique setting and goal, deciphering dress codes can be tricky. At the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of striking the perfect balance between comfort and professionalism.

So, feel free to experiment with colours and prints by browsing these looks available from the Frasers eStore, and have them delivered for FREE right to your door.