5 Organisational Hacks for a Tidy Space


Getting your home organised can feel like a mammoth project, but you don’t have to do it all at once! Check out the Frasers eStore’s list of five easy home organisation hacks, as well as storage solutions for two of the most used places in your home — your workspace as well as the kitchen.

Your Working Space
Feel on top of your to-do list with a decluttered workspace to maximise efficiency and productivity. Beyond just visual appeal, studies have shown that an organised workstation has a positive impact on mental well-being. With a clearer mind and less induced stress from clutter, this consequently leads to a boost in productivity. When our space is organised, so are our thoughts!

Hack #1: Categorise loose items


Guilty of letting paperwork pile up on your desk? From receipts and envelopes, to paper clips and USB sticks, your work space can look like the aftermath of a hurricane without some sort of organisational system.

Start by throwing away anything that no longer works, such as old pens and highlighters, then categorise the rest of the items with the help of this Office Storage Box / Makeup Cosmetic Organiser and Storage Box Set from Sweet Home.

Tidy up your notes and office supplies by arranging them inside these boxes, giving way to a clear space for your computer, as well as an empty desk space for writing or even an uplifting desk plant. When you reduce clutter, you turn a chaotic mess into a clear space, which leaves space for more mental clarity to focus on work.


Hack #2: Use vertical space


Your working space is prime real estate, and we’re giving you a way to create more of it. Elevating your devices such as tablets and laptops is a smart way to create additional space on a small desk, and improve your posture.

There are several ways to going vertical with your organisation including installing a magnetic wall rack for mounting tablets, books, your favourite photos and more. As for laptops, invest in a minimal and sleek stand like this Twelve South HiRise for MacBook Height Adjustable Stand for MacBooks & Laptops from The Digital Gadgets. Height-adjustable stands are great because they allow you to create an ergonomic workspace anytime and anywhere.

If you’re in the mood for working at your kitchen counter instead of sitting at your desk, simply adjust the height of your Twelve South HiRise stand. This special feature is adjustable up to 6 inches for your own ideal ergonomic setting, which reduces the risk of neck pain or backaches. This stand also features non-slip silicone arms that grip the base of your laptop.


Hack #3: Go wireless


It’s time to step into the magical world of wireless phone charging! Say goodbye to the old age of messy wires, and hello to the Twelve South Powerpic Picture Frame Stand with Integrated 10W Qi Charger from The Digital Gadgets.

This is a wireless phone charger that doubles up as a picture frame! Not just another dock or charger, the 10W Qi Charger of the Powerpic Picture Frame Stand is hidden in plain sight within the frame, and is designed to naturally blend in with your surroundings.

The frame is made of New Zealand Pine and holds any 5” x 7” photo, and can charge a phone up to 3mm thick and 6.5 inches tall. Simply place your phone against the glass to begin charging, with the option of either letting your phone complete a picture or be an extension of it. You can even increase your motivation and reduce stress with a display picture of a beautiful landscape!


Your Culinary Space
Even if you don't have a ton of storage space, you can help your kitchen live up to its full potential with the right organisation tricks. Whether you're navigating tiny cabinets, narrow drawers, or an overall lack of storage space, there's a lot to contend with when you're trying to keep your kitchen tidy while also making sure everything you need is still accessible. Thanks to these genius products, you can make sure the items you need are always where they're supposed to be — and easily within reach.

Hack #4. Use wall space


Space saving and multipurpose, having these wall organisers from Kitchen+Ware are ideal to keep your essentials within reach while you’re in the middle of a recipe, and rushing around the kitchen!

Let’s start with one of the trickiest items in the kitchen: knives. Not just because there are several different types of kitchen knives according to their uses, but also because they need to be stored carefully to keep them as dry, clean and sharp as possible, and minimise the risk of injuries in the kitchen. Try this Suction Knife Holder Rack to keep your knives organised in one place. Instead of letting your knives pile up in a drawer, you can organise your collection of knives by size. It is also a great way to protect your blades from dulling, which can happen when kept loosely in a drawer.

Next, say goodbye to rogue half-used packets of spices and sauces, shoved behind cupboards and drawers with this Suction Wall Shelf Rack Organiser — an ideal place to keep commonly used herbs and pantry staples. Having them in the same place every time, makes it easy to navigate and see all your ingredients at a glance!

Finally, this Suction Chopsticks Holder / Utensils Drying Rack is designed with holes for efficient drying. It can also hold up to 10kg, and has room for all your utensils, including hooks for hanging towels, pots or pans. Finally a much cleaner, space-saving way to dry your kitchen equipment!


Hack #5. Add a personal touch


Last but not least, always add a personal touch to your space. It is as important to make the space your own as much as it is to declutter.

For example, matching utensils, such as these cute chopsticks, fork and spoon bundle sets from The Green Party, can make the perfect solution to help you distinguish between cutlery sets, especially if you are someone who likes to have different sets for different occasions. If you enjoy hosting intimate dinner parties, this practical décor can also add that extra aesthetic flair to a meal, and bring an entire table setting together.


Home organisation can seem like a challenge, however with hacks like these that are easy to keep up with, it’s not as difficult as you think! We hope the above items from the Frasers eStore will help you curb the mess, and keep your home looking polished and orderly.