Face the Blues With Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

The reality is that electronic devices are now part and parcel of our daily lives. Even when we’re not working, we tend to spend our leisure time on activities such as playing computer games, scrolling through social media, or watching TV.

Blue-light blocking glasses have the potential to prevent headaches, decrease eye strain, and help you sleep like a baby. We share what we’ve discovered about blue light, plus some fashionable and comfortable blue-light blocking glasses, all on the Frasers eStore.

What is blue light?
Did you know that the colours of the rainbow are also the same colours that make up the visible spectrum of light? Blue light is one of the colours of the spectrum, and produces the highest amount of energy due to it having the shortest wavelength. From sunlight to TV and phone screens, as well as fluorescent lighting, blue light can be found all around us!

How blue-light blocking glasses can help
For better eye health in the long run, invest in a pair of blue-light blocking glasses with filtering technology that can help block out blue light and bring some health benefits!

  • Improve vision clarity
    Not only do blue-light blocking lenses limit exposure to blue light, they also include non-glare protection. Lens glare is a major source of eye strain since it reduces vision clarity, forcing your eyes to work harder to focus. People who work with computers are especially susceptible to this type of eye strain since illuminated screens act as a direct and constant source of glare on lenses.
  • Relieve discomfort from prolonged screen use
    Do you find yourself getting headaches from staring at the screen all day? This is normal, but there’s a way to avoid this! Excessive device usage can lead to computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Glasses with blue light filtering technology can enhance your focus and reduce eye strain, resulting in making your eyes feel less tired and improving productivity. Another way to reduce eye strain is to make sure you take regular breaks from the screen.
  • Improve sleep quality
    Like to indulge in your favourite TV shows before bedtime? People seem to have a general idea that using their phone or watching TV right before bedtime will affect sleep, but not everyone knows why. Simply put, our body creates a hormone called melatonin to promote sleep by making us drowsy, and blue light suppresses melatonin production. Without melatonin, it will take us longer to fall asleep because we just don’t feel tired. Wearing blue-light blocking glasses minimises these effects and can help you sleep better. However, the best option is still to put the screen down at least 30 minutes before it's time for bed.

Block blue light in style
Blue light blocking glasses from OWNDAYS are made for those who spend a significant amount of time in front of screens every day. This includes phone use and video games, which applies to most adults, teenagers, and children! Compared to normal lenses, the OWNDAYS PC lens blocks up to 25% of blue light (which measures at wavelengths of 385-485nm) from reaching your eyes, significantly reducing symptoms such as eye fatigue, eye strain, neck pain, and headaches.

Made from a highly durable and flexible plastic material called Ultem, frames from OWNDAYS are specifically designed to be super lightweight, and stylish. They also come with adjustable rubber tips to ensure a customisable fit and perfect grip, which make these glasses an ideal choice for prolonged daily use and first-time users. From round lenses for a bit of flair to classic square frames, choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes to best suit your style and facial features.

That being said, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your eyes. If you’re considering blue-light blocking glasses, it’s best to schedule an eye exam with your eye-care provider for the best treatment option. In the meantime, if you're looking for the perfect pair to start with, discover these ones on the Frasers eStore.