Wildfire Burgers
Wildfire Burgers
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4pm to 11pm

Last order: 10.15pm (Food) 10.30pm (Drinks)

Introducing the soul of the Wildfire kitchen, the Binchotan-charcoal-fired INKA grill, a major player in what makes our burgers so damn tasty! Withstanding up to a high 450°C, the intensity of heat and cooking speed is controlled by the adjustable vents of the grill, producing the oven’s unique high-speed cooking system through a mix of roasting and barbecuing, talk about hot! This helps to produce dope flavours and

Wildfire Burgers aim to bring you some of the best burgers and fried chicken in Singapore, with friendly service, and crazy good beer selection, for an unforgettable experience. We focus on only using the freshest ingredients and hand-crafted to perfection. We also serve some of the best Burnt Cheesecakes in town, giving a sweet ending to a perfect meal. tenderness that cannot be matched by any other player on the block.