Painted Nail Bar & A Slow Cup Cafe
Painted Nail Bar & A Slow Cup Cafe
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Robertson Walk #02-16
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8801 8060
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10am to 8pm (Mon to Sat)
11am to 7pm (Sun)

Painted Nail Bar’s story began in the heart of Singapore, where they established themselves as a local gem in the heart of the city. Since their inception, their vision has been encapsulated in three defining words: charming, exemplary, and meticulous. The ambiance they have meticulously crafted is intended to serve as a haven of tranquillity, offering you a truly serene experience.

They have a dedicated team committed to delivering professional nail care services that aspire to leave you feeling rejuvenated, thoroughly pampered, and impeccably polished. Infuse a touch of lushness into your day and indulge yourself in the art of slow living where every visit is an opportunity to savour the beauty of a tranquil oasis within the vibrant bustling city.

The dawn of their flagship store at Robertson Walk – Painting new stories with you in the next chapter of Painted Nail Bar and Cafe ‘a slow cup’.

"a slow cup" was born from a desire to break away from the hurried pace of modern life. In a world obsessed with haste, we believe in the beauty of deceleration, the magic found in a moment of stillness, and the simple pleasure of a well-brewed cup of coffee.

Every sip is an invitation to savour the moment.